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16th Annual Huntsville Intertribal Pow-Wow [21 Apr 2009|06:02pm]


16th Annual 

Huntsville Intertribal Pow-Wow

Cahaba Shrine Park

6001 Pulaski Pike

Huntsville, Alabama 35810

May 9-10 2009 

Powwow Head Staff

Master of Ceremonies...Lou White Eagle

Arena Director...Randy Medrano

Head Veteran... TBA

Host Drum...Medicne Dog Singers

Lead Singer...Cheyenne Black Bear 

Gates open at 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday  

***Admission is free*** 

Grand Entry will be at 1:00 {both days}

Evening Grand Entry will be at 6:30PM { Saturday Only} 

*Gourd Dancing Daily*

omakiyaka ye

Need a new maintainer [09 Sep 2007|09:35am]

Anyone interested in being the new maintainer for this community. I don't powwow anymore and I figure someone who does should head this community.

Just reply to this post.
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A few thoughts about my first powwow in about 15 years, or more. [13 Jul 2006|07:04pm]

[ mood | sad ]

A few thoughts about my first powwow in about 15 years, or more.

Well, like I had said briefly in my journal, Paul (my hubby) and I got to go to a powwow, but because of his work schedule and the way the powwow was set up, all I got to see was the grand entry and flag song.. and they were having a dance contest when we left but they were starting with the little tots so I got to see a couple of tiny little dancers for a few bref seconds. Also because of shyness and a lack of space to get in close enough to the circle, I only got about 4 pics. I dont regret going, and I dont really regret too much leaving early because I had some things that were making me worry and I was concerned bout Paul, cause I think he was overheating and almost exhausted, but I regret I didnt get some more pics while I was there.. I dindt snap pics unless I asked the person when they were outside the ring, and that shyness to ask cost me pics.

But while I was there, I had some deep thoughts.. It really wasnt at all like the ones I went to.. I dont know if it was who was putting it on, or where it was, or the fact that it was the last day or what, but it just seemed... different that before.

What made me sad was that I felt.. out of place... and although my heart wanted to dance.. to step in the sacred circle, I did not, and for some strange reason I didnt feel like I should have.. it didnt feel right.. Maybe it was cause I was in street clothes, or maybe it was because it was my first powwow in many many years. Or maybe my heart is leading me astray.

I still want to dance... though I think so far the desicion not to spend money and time on regalia is a good one because I dont know how often these will come aaround, but even in my street clothes I want to dance.. I am listning to powwow music as I type this, and my heart wants to dance.. but why was my head telling me not to, that I was an outsider there, that I didnt belong, and that I wasnt to step in the circle?

I am very confused right now.. I have no idea at all what to do. *sigh*

omakiyaka ye

A serious question... [06 Jun 2006|11:53pm]

I really hesitate to bring this up, because I know that I am going to get alot of critism, but it is important to me, and I do respect you all's opinions, since you most likely have more powwow experience that I do.

A real quick background first.

As far as I know, I have no Native blood in me. When I was younger, I had the honor over several years to go many powwows in three states. With help I build my own regalia, and I danced. It was wonderful.
Time went on, I went to college and moved away, but never lost the desire to dance again. Now I have moved back and have the opportunity to dance once again.
I have contacted 2 people, each the head of a powwow that is close to me that will be happening soon. I explained my background and my desire to dance again, and both gave me permission to dance the appropriate songs (intertribals, etc).

Here is my predicament.

I have been doing alot of research, and will continue to do more, about making a women's southern traditional cloth dress and regalia. I want to do this right, if do make an outfit. But would it be right for me to spend the money and time and effort on making regalia, or is that something that I as a non Native (as far as I know, I am trying to research my history) am not allowed to do?
Can I proudly wear my own made regalia when the powwow starts, or should I just dance in my steet clothes and a shawl?

I want to wear regalia and dance the way that I used to, 15 years ago when the drum first called. Can I do it?
omakiyaka ye

feather question... [30 May 2006|01:24pm]

I was recently gifed by nature with a beautiful wild Canadian Goose feather.

But I am sure it may have mites or other things on it.

How do I clean it? Strangly enough it is impossible to find anything online about it. I have tried..

Can anyone help?
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First Nations Warriors [23 May 2006|12:55pm]

okay, i am so proud of my First Nations Brothers & Sisters who are undefeated still and who give their blood, sweat and tears to fight for their rights, their homelands and their Ancestors. they epitomize what the true warrior spirit is because there they stand, outnumbered and outgunned, their ancient homelands occupied by hostiles and still they do not give up and do not give in. they fight not for oil, or land, or empire, or money, or power, or because they are a technologically over-equipped nation that seeks to conquer the rest of the world, but for a simple truth: freedom. freedom from oppression by a colonial government and a racist country. freedom to have power & self-determination over their lives, bodies, lands, stories, languages, futures. their truth still prevails and it is a testament to their strength that after five hundred years of genocide and enforced assimilation that they still know who they are and are still culturally and politically and spiritually and psychologically alive as Indigenous First Nations people who give their bodies, hearts, minds and spirits to the struggle for political, cultural, regional freedom from colonization and to triumph over those who clothe their unjustness in a thin veneer of civility and respectability!!!!

"Our people are responding without weapons, using only their bodies to assert that we are a sovereign people with a long history and that we cannot be intimidated,''
Allen McNaughton, of the Six Nations Confederacy
omakiyaka ye

[16 Jan 2006|12:36pm]

Here's some pics I took at the powwow we went to yesterday. It was hosted by my youngest son's family.

Go see the pics I posted
omakiyaka ye

My Tribal Space [11 Jan 2006|07:24am]

I logged into my Myspace and checked out my groups and found someone posted about Mytribalspace. It is like Myspace only for Natives. I looks like it is still quite new but I thought I would spread the word.


My Tribal Space Profile

[X-posted in various communities]
omakiyaka ye

San Diego & Warner Springs PowWows [11 May 2005|10:01pm]

American Indian Culture Days. May 14 & 15 Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Park Blvd and Presidents Way
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA


Warner Native Pride Powwow
Dedicated to the memory of Denise Paipa
May 14th, 12-6 p.m. at the San Jose Valley Sports Park
Located across from Warner school
30951 Highway 79
Warner Springs, CA
omakiyaka ye

Moderator wanted... [05 Apr 2005|10:38pm]
Since I have been soo busy over the last year and will continue to be busy, I am looking for someone to help me moderate this community. If you are interested, please comment. In the event that more than one person volunteers, I will choose the one that has posted more or seems more active here.
omakiyaka ye

34th Annual SDSU Powwow [28 Feb 2005|08:01am]

Native American Student Alliance
34th Annual SDSU Contest Powwow
Montezuma Hall, Aztec Center, San Diego State University Campus
March 5th & 6th, 2005

“Honoring Our Young Native Scholars & Educators of Tomorrow”

Contest Dancing! * Drum Contest! * Gourd Dancing!
Bird Singing! * Bird Dancing!

Grand Entry
Saturday 12 Noon & 7pm Sunday 12 Noon
Point System will be used

Host Northern Drum: WHITE LAKE SINGERS – Salt Lake City, UT
Towaoc, CO

Master of Ceremonies .......... Alex Shepherd, Cedar City, UT
Arena Director.......................John Dawson, Lawndale, CA
Head Man............................ Brent Todalena, Chinle, AZ
Head Woman ........................Leya Hale, Fullerton, CA
Head Teen Boy ......................OJ Sandoval, El Cajon, CA
Head Teen Girl ..................... Megan Stately, San Diego, CA
Head Jr.Boy............ Robert Solis, San Diego, CA
Head Jr. Girl ........ Nikita Bichitty, Boulevard, CA

Men’s Grass = (1st- $250, 2nd- $150, 3rd- $100) Sponsored by Head Man
Teen Boys Fancy = 1st- $200,2nd- $150,3rd- $50) Sponsored by Head Teen Boy
Teen Girls Jingle = ($ TBA) Sponsored by Head Teen Girl
Jr. Girls Fancy =(1st- $150,2nd- $100,3rd- $50) Sponsored by Head Jr. Girl

Check out our website for updates: http://nasa.sdsu.edu

General Admission = FREE!

Arts & Crafts Spaces Available
$85 for 1 Day $150 for 2 Days
(Applications Online)

Native American Student Alliance
Phone: 619-269-3108 Fax: 619-594-2646 (Attn. NASA)
Email: nasa@rohan.sdsu.edu
Alcohol & Drugs will not be tolerated. Will not be responsible for
accidents, thefts, or damages.
omakiyaka ye

Hello there! [24 Jan 2005|09:33pm]

I am brand new to the community. I am not Native American, but did participate in the Apache Na'ii'es (Sunrise Dance) Ceremony last summer, and performed by diiyin Jeffrey Prather, who trained with famous singer/diiyin Philip Cassadore. It isn't exactly a powwow, but three times every year Mr. Prather and the men and women who have trained with him put on a week-long training camp that ends with a Sunrise Ceremony for the young women. It was a unique and wonderful experience to participate in a ceremony that is starting to disappear due to cost (Na'ii'es can cost upwards of $15,000 for one girl) and loss of cultural interest.

After my experience over the summer, I began researching Na'ii'es extensively, and am working on both a fiction novel and a non-fiction book on the topic. I hope my research will include a trip to an Apache rez to see this ceremony performed for other young women. If anyone hears anything about a Sunrise Ceremony on the agenda for upcoming powwows, please let me know!
omakiyaka ye

Location? [11 Sep 2004|10:34pm]

SO where is everyone located? That way I know what states to post for. AND by all means if you know of a powwow...please post. AND if you have been to a powwow recently, feel free to post a bit of a review.

I will start...

I am currently living in Alabama.
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By Request..here are some GA powwows [11 Sep 2004|07:42pm]

September 25-26, 2004
McIntosh Festival & Pow Wow (non-competition)
McIntosh Reserve, Whitesburg, Georgia
(On the Banks of the Chattahoochee River)
Drum: Great Lakes Travelers (All Drums Welcome)
Appearing: Arvel Bird and Calvin Standing Bear
Grand Entry at Noon
Trade Blanket Saturday Night
Primitive Camping Available (booking fast)
Contact McIntosh Reserve at (770) 830-5879 or Frank Hall
770-304-3344 sundanceranchinc@hotmail.com for more info.

Honor the Children
October 2 - 3, 2004
Cedartown , GA
Headman Dean Swimmer
Headlady Jay Mckoy
MC Gary Smith
Host Drums Aracoma
6th Annual Native American Arts and Crafts Festival Cedartown ,Ga. Northwest Park. Vendors by invitation only . Primative camping for dancers and vendors. Genrators allowed ,must be turned off by 11 pm. Pets must be leashed.

alochol,drugs and politics of any kind will not be allowed.Host motel:Holiday Inn 770-748-0006(make reservations early)

gates open at 10- am, grand entry at noon,$5 per car

Jerry Stroup

Euharlee Veterans Powwow
October 22 - 24, 2004
Euharlee , GA
Headman Smitty Smith
Headlady Ellen Rasco
MC Gary Smith
Host Drums Buffalo Heart
Healing Circle for Veterans... ALL Veterans invited

Euharlee is west and north of Cartersville GA (off I-75)
Easy drive from Atlanta, Chattanooga, Rome, Cedar Town

Sam Hinson

November 6-7, 2004
5th Annual Stone Mountain PowWow and Indian Festival
16 miles east of Atlanta on Highway 78
Contact: Linda Whittington lwhittington@stonemountainpark.com
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[10 Sep 2004|09:12pm]

Okay I had originally posted this in my journal and never thought to post it here so if you want to read it here is the link....

Randomness regarding some attitudes in Native America lately

(x-posted in other communities as well)
omakiyaka ye

[10 Sep 2004|09:01pm]

September 25-26: 23rd Annual Mt. Juliet Pow Wow/ Don Yahola Memorial
Location: Mt. Juliet Horse Arena, NW Rutland Road, Mt. Juliet, TN, 37216
Event Detail: Contest Pow Wow - Total - $11,000
Drum Contest - $2,000
Don Yahola Grass Dance Special - $1,000
I-40 to exit #226 (Mt. Juliet). Follow signs to horse arena.
Contact: Cindy Yahola Gallegos or Daniel Gallegos, phone: 615-443-1537, email: cindy.yahola@mail.ihs.gov


The Native Cultural Circle Presents
The Seventh Annual Clarksville, TN Area Intertribal Powwow
October 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2004
Clarksville, TN
Public Welcome
Host Drum: Medicine River
Guest Drum: Battle Creek Singers
Head Man: Barry Brown
Head Lady: Sonya Mertz
Head Veteran: Rick Brown
AD: Kenny Petty
MC: Hawk Laughing
Storyteller: Gene Golde
Adults $5
Children and Seniors $2
Kids Day Free
Active Duty Military with ID Free
Friday October 8th: Kid's Day - 9 am - 2 pm
Saturday October 9th: 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday October 10th: 10 am - ? pm
Come share our culture, foods, crafts and shop the vendors for arts and crafts.
Bring your lawn cahir and enjoy the dancing.
All dancers are welcome, vendors by invitation only.
For more information contact Ingrid Baker at 931-326-5837
or Doug "Red" Kirby at 931-387-4538 or nccircle@aol.com
Website: http://www.Nccircle.org
omakiyaka ye

[30 Aug 2004|12:04pm]

8th Annual AIA Fall Pow wow
October 9 - 10, 2004
Millington , TN

John Crowder

Sandra Bland

Ken Dixon

Host Drums
Red Hawk Singers

John Stabley


23rd Annual Pow Wow and Fall Festival
October 15 - 17, 2004
Nashville , TN

Bill or Sally Wells


October 8 - 10, 2004
Gadsden , AL

Wyman Flora

Carol Woods

Scott Crisp

Host Drums
Grey Wolf Singers

Joyce Sterling
omakiyaka ye

[25 Jul 2004|10:12pm]

My rez is holding it's 4th Annual International Powwow this September 11th and 12th. Hooray:) Held on the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation (Cornwall Island section) at the Anowarakowa Arena on Phillip Hopps Memorial Road. Indoor/outdoor craft and food vendors, dance, drum, smoke dance competition, etc. It's going to be tons of fun!
Some pictures from last year's powwowCollapse )
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to pow-wow or not to pow-wow? [05 Jul 2004|11:47pm]

This is cross posted to a Yahoo group I am a part of, but I thought you guys might be able to help me as well..

I guess I can introduce myself as well.

My name is Tina. As far as I know, I don't have any Native American blood in me, but I am hoping to do soem research and find out. Does anyone here have any companies or websites that would be a good place to start?

Anyways, there is a constant battle in my heart. Even though I dont think that I am native, I still feel that I have a animal Spirit who guides me. I feel very strongly for Otter, and I believe that Otter is helping me thru this life.

This, though, makes me wonder sometimes.. if I am not Native, can I have a Spirit to guide me, or am I just "trying to be native"? I burn sage to calm my spirits, I have a dreamcatcher over my bed to keep the bad dreams away (I never understood why people han them in thier cars. Do they even know what they are supposed to do?) and I have a mandala hanging in my room as well.
Should I even have these things. I wonder sometimes, and would like to hear what you guys have to say.

When I was younger, I was in Girl Scouts, and our troop started working with Explorers (a division of the Boy Scouts well know for its Native American themed programs). because of Explorers, I went to many pow-wows. I, with help, made my regalia, and danced the Circle.

I still hear the drum beats now. I still long for the dance. I long to dance the Circle, wear my regalia and feel my spirit soar in time with the music.

But I fear that I cant. I have little of the regalia left after 15 years of growing up and moving around, and even if I did have it, it wouldnt fit. I dont think I could even dance any more anyways. I am not sure how the Explorers did it, because I heard that most pow-wows wont let non-natives dance, even if they have regalia, except for 1 or 2 all-inclusive dances. Is this true? If I found my shawl (I think my parents have it) and wear my breastplate and moccasins, could I dance again?

I believe that there is a pow-wow here in Orlando, FL in November, I think. I would like to go, but if I cannot dance, I dont think I can bear to go. Hearing the drums and not being able to join I think will break my heart.

Sorry to ramble on, but any information about any of this would be greatly appreciated.
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Powwow photos [23 Jun 2004|10:27am]

Went to the TIHA Powwow in Llano, TX, this weekend.

Will write more a little later, but for now I'm posting the few photos I took. I didn't take NEARLY as many photos as I wanted. PHotos just didn't seem to capture the spirit of the dance. So I went to video and let Kimberly (daughter) take most of the photos. I left my professional dv camera at home and just used my wifes handy cam which gave me dissapointing results. I'll try to get a few clips online anyway. Next time I will find room for my good video gear! IT was our first time camping since the kids have been born so we were easing back into things. It went very well over all.

Music to help set the mood: Southern Thunder - Traditional

21 photos - not too bigCollapse )
omakiyaka ye

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